Who Needs Estate Planning

Who needs Estate planning?

I’ll tell you who needs an estate plan — you do!

Watch this video to understand more:

There is nothing worse than losing a loved one.

I know, I’ve lost my father.

It was a devastating experience.

You don’t want those who are left behind to wonder – hmmmm – what did they want us to do with the bank account?

Perhaps all of the kids will fight over it?

What if you have young children?

Do you really want your parents or the kids’ grandparents fighting over custody and guardianship of the children?

Of course you don’t.

That would be a mess.

There is no reason to do that.  Not now, not ever.

So make a choice right now that you will do your estate plan.

Get your house in order.

Do the right thing and do it now.

If you’re reading this blog post of mine – then you know that right now, right this second, is the moment of choice.  Now is when you should pick up your phone and call me to discuss your estate plan.  Now is how you accomplish the things you know you need to accomplish.  There is only one way to do it – and that is by working with an estate planning lawyer like myself, who will go over all of your estate wishes and start to put things in place.

Even if you are starting with a little or nothing – you can start and get things properly done.

We can make changes as we go – but at least you’ll finally have that comfort and peace that you’ve been searching for.  The peace of mind that you have put things in order and you are ready for whatever the future holds.

If I have been able to reach you, then you know this is right for you – please call my office 801-676-5507 right now and set up your free consultation.  If I am not in court or in a meeting, I’m happy to speak with you immediately over the phone.

You’ll know that I care about you and what your life situation brings.

You’ll know that I can get you where you want to go.

Okay, enough said.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for visiting.


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How Estate Planning Works

There are essentially 2 ways that you can do Estate Planning:

First, you can do absolutely nothing.  This is what I call the “do nothing” plan.  You see, the government has in place what are called intestacy statutes which are laws promulgated by the state in which you live (I live in Utah, so it’s the Utah legislature that has done this) that dictates what will happen to your things when you die if you have not drafted a will or a trust (or properly funded your trust– another issue altogether).

So that’s the first plan — do nothing — the government has your back.  Oh, and did I mention, that if you do nothing, you may not like what the government says happens to your stuff?  You don’t get to control where your house goes, your money goes, your personal items etc.

Think about that for a minute…


So, option B is a little better – I think.

Second, you can take control over your life and your estate plan and you and put into place a will or a trust and you can decide right now where your things go.  Yes, indeed – you can make the choice yourself.  That’s how estate planning works.  You either do it yourself and hope and pray that you do it right.  Or, you contact an attorney who knows what they are doing and you pay them to draft your estate plan for you.

Keep in mind that a proper estate plan is more that just a will or a trust.

It would also include a general durable power of attorney and a health care directive or living will.  These are essential documents.

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention that if you have young kids, you really want to make sure that you do your estate plan just in case something should happen to both of you as parents — nothing could be worse for a kid than to be put in foster care or worse – placed with a relative that you wouldn’t approve of.

‘Nuff said.

When you’re ready t do your estate plan, I expect you to call our office 801-676-5507 and get your estate and life in order.

Until next time –

Michael R. Anderson, JD